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And So It Begins – Again :-)

Happy New Year. Hi peeps. Well, it’s been a while since I tapped some letters on the keyboard to create a new blog post and I couldn’t think of a better time to begin again than January 1st 2013. Time … Continue reading

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Weight Change Chart

Howdy peeps. I suddenly realised that I didn’t actually have a summary chart of my weight changes to date, so, here’s one. Have a liddle looky at how things stand. It’s late and I’m too tired to analyse tonight. I’ll … Continue reading

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A Year in (Quick) Review

Let’s cut to the chase shall we… I’ve been weighed today and I was right. By right I mean I did gain more than 20-25 lbs since the end of October when I last got weighed, but, I was also … Continue reading

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New Page – The (Semi) Naked Truth

Hi everybody!!! Tonight, the blog post is simply a link to a new page I’ve created here on the site. I’ve called it ‘The (Semi) Naked Truth’ and it is a monthly topless skin shot (Front & Side) of yours … Continue reading

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I’m extremely fortunate that in the gym I use there are staff that actually take an interest in what you are trying to achieve. You’ve heard me talk about Chris Mulvaney before, he is one of the instructors. Well, today, … Continue reading

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Devastated :-(

Yep, I know I missed another post and I really am sorry. I’m ‘gutted’ about it because I really, really, want to post daily, but hey, it is what is. We move on, we move up and we don’t dwell … Continue reading

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Regular Monthly (not my main focus) Weigh In [3]

Now I’m a few days early with this, but, it’s because of Paco. You all know about Paco, I told you about him the other day. Mi hermano de otra Madre. Si? Let’s go…       A little bit … Continue reading

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