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Milestones that rise and fall

Firstly – The Rise Thank you to all you lovely people who have taken my little blog to over 5000 views/hits. Over 5000!! I actually can’t believe it, 5000. Did I mention my little blog has been looked at over … Continue reading

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Regular Monthly (not my main focus) Weigh In [4]

So here we are. It’s that time of the month again. No, not ‘that’ time of the month, it’s the other one. The time to hit the scales ‘that’. The one time a month when I confront evil (the scales) … Continue reading

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A Small Step Attitude

Continuing on from yesterday, let’s talk 🙂 Before I start, I’m finding this post hard to write. The main reasons for this, are (1) I think it’s a really important post and (2) I know what I want to say, … Continue reading

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The Year Ahead

A pre-post waffle… Look, I suppose it’s a bit pointless posting blog posts retrospectively, which is what I did with yesterdays post today. I mean, it’s supposed to be a blog Paul. Don’t blogs (in their purest sense) get posted … Continue reading

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Cliff Walks and a Semi-Naked Lady

Forgot to post this yesterday – Doh!!! So I had a great time in Anglesey with the family and extended family. We ended our time together by firstly going back to the  little cove beach we stumbled upon yesterday. It … Continue reading

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Just Chillin’

So today is day two of our liddle mini break in Wales. Truth is we couldn’t afford a holiday this year, so when Jans twin sister, Bee and her husband Joe asked us to come and join then for a … Continue reading

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A Short Break

Exercise. Just 40 minutes this morning but what a 40 minutes it was. I walked on the treadmill for 20mins then decided to joddle. After 10min of intervals 9k then 6k for 1min intervals, I decided to see how long … Continue reading

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