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New news… So, I told ya’ll about the new gym I was considering joining. The good: How it is literally one minute away from my new job, it’s spread over three floors and has an amazingly cheap ‘off peak’ monthly … Continue reading

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Weigh In Approaching

Not been the gym for a couple of days, but, it’s all good, it’s lifestyle not gymstyle change. Had a busy few days in work and big changes are a foot 🙂 I’m looking forward to it! Nearly time for … Continue reading

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Monthly Mini – Sept ✔ :-)

Drum roll pa-lease!!!!!!! I’ve completed my ‘Health Focused Monthly Mini Project’ for September with a final 985 metre climb on the Cross Trainer. I had 531 metres remaining to complete it, so it has been well and truly smashed with … Continue reading

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Finding My Rhythm

Firstly, how weird is the word rhythm. It looks like it belongs in a Welsh dictionary. Right okay. So, I’m struggling to post daily and I’m super struggling to comment on other blogs. I know my fellow bloggers are cool … Continue reading

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Training At Night? Hmmm…

Firstly, hi guys, have you missed me? I’ve missed you!!! No blog (or gym) for three days, three days. Not good, but, I’ve had long days, late nights and I’m still settling into my new work/gym routine. Man I love … Continue reading

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Then & Now [Again]

Back in July I blogged the post which is below. It’s about me and my niece Anna who was visiting from Winchester and a re-enactment photo we took. Well, the gorgeous Anna has been here again, so we took the … Continue reading

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Call me vain, but, I hate my double chins. Now as you can see above, I know things are starting to look a bit better in that department, but, they are still there. Me thinks I’m stuck with them. Too … Continue reading

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