A Small Step Attitude

Continuing on from yesterday, let’s talk 🙂

Before I start, I’m finding this post hard to write. The main reasons for this, are (1) I think it’s a really important post and (2) I know what I want to say, but, I’m just struggling a bit to say it right. Forgive me if it’s not too clear. You can always comment me 🙂

A New Attitude – When I started on my new journey to a ‘healthier’ lifestyle, I said something to my Active Sefton Referral Officer, Brenda Turnley, which she totally jumped on as being ‘right thinking’ and it was this.

I don’t want to focus on losing weight and being on a diet. I just want to do some exercise and get a little bit healthier.

For the first time in my roller coaster ride of weight gain/loss/gain, I seemed to hit upon something that could work. It wasn’t a diet programme, a particular health kick or quick fix, it was simply an attitude, a mental shift.

The basic thinking behind it, was quite simply this, I am fed up of focusing on my weight and being disappointed by diets. I am fed up of giving myself a hard time for not ‘losing’, or, heaven forbid ‘gaining’. I am fed up of failing.

Forget all that rubbish Paul, do a little bit of exercise and eat what you want!

Did you read that then? ‘Eat what you want’. No more beating myself up, my attitude was going to be different. If I was doing something, it was better than nothing and it was in fact a change. This new attitude was actually the first change.

Small Steps – This new attitude gave birth to a new understanding. Here it is.

If I make a small step, it’s better than no step. If I make a small change today, I am ‘healthier’ than I was yesterday – Fact!

Small steps, just small steps. It doesn’t matter how small it is, honestly, believe me. If you make a small step, a small change, you are lengthening your life and increasing your healthiness.

Okay Paul, you say, ‘[small steps] it doesn’t matter how small it is’, give me some examples?! Listen, I don’t care if you laugh at these examples, I honestly mean them.


1. Don’t put four pieces of toast in your toaster, put three.
2. Don’t have two sugars in your tea, have one and a half.
3. Buy yourself a smaller dinner plate and still stack it to the max.


1. Walk to the corner shop for your paper (or drive half way).
2. Don’t send the kids for your phone which you left upstairs.
3. Park your car at the far side of the car park.


1. Sign up to a GP referral programme (or ask someone to do it for you).
2. Go to the gym for 20/30 minutes once a week.
3. Go for a 10/15 minute walk.

Look, if you are obese like me. If you have a completely sedentary life like I used to have. If the idea of change means that all you can see ahead of you is hard work, pain and denying yourself tasty food. If you are thinking right now, ‘what’s the point’. Do one of the nine examples above today. Take your pick, but, before you do, decide that you are fed up of trying to lose weight on diets. Decide that all you want to do is be a little bit ‘healthier’ today than you were yesterday and make a small step in the right direction.

A Chain Reaction – If you do nothing else, just entertain the idea that it’s not too late to start. What I want to happen to you, is what happened to me, a chain reaction. Something that started so small, but, totally changed my thinking and my attitude.

Do I still struggle? Of course I do! Just read my blog, you’ll soon pick up that I struggle.

Have I completely turned my life around? Yes I have!! In three to four months, I have become a new man. Yes it’s a cliché, but, yes it’s true. Check my stats, look at my pictures and you’ll see it’s true. The best thing about it.

I didn’t believe it could be true, just like you now!

I hope this all made sense.

Adios amigos,

Paul (Kracker)



About paulbentley

My name is Paul Bentley and I started my blog in May 2011. I live in Liverpool in the North West of England, UK – I have always had ‘issues’ with my weight! When I got to 27st 13lbs (177kgs or 391lbs) I finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ and I need to make changes. As part of the process I decided I need to make myself accountable, so I’ve decided to be accountable to you. Thanks for offering ;-)
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5 Responses to A Small Step Attitude

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Paul,
    I just discovered your blog upon surfing the net (always looking for people dealing with the same problems) and I really like this statment of yours
    “I don’t want to focus on losing weight and being on a diet. I just want to do some exercise and get a little bit healthier.”
    Most people I have discovered so far focus a lot on weight loss and only weight loss. I have read about one girl that exercises so much that she burns 1400 calories a day. Totally not possible for me. In my blog I try not to put the focus on my weight loss journey but on my life in general since I want the weight loss to develope into something that just happens along the way. I want to change my habits and make a healthier life style become a integral part of myself. It can be very exhausting to always think “I am on a diet!”
    Keep it up!
    Janet 😉

    • paulbentley says:

      Hi Janet (my wife’s name btw, although she prefers Jan and HATES being called Janet haha),

      I’m totally with you on this. If I’m taking action to positively change my lifestyle to ‘healthier’, weight loss will be a by-product. For some people (depending on their starting weight), that loss will be significant, for others it will be less so, but, in real terms, if we can change our thinking and our habits, it won’t matter all that much because we will be ‘healthier’.

      I’m not ignorant to the fact that obesity, especially morbid obesity is bad news and we should ‘want’ to drop to more normal levels, but, I’m in this for life now and everyday I make a positive step I increase my mortality (length of life) and decrease my morbidity (the health/quality of my life).

      Is it easy not to be influenced by the desire to overly focus on weight loss, no. We love to see the scales drop. I suppose its now a part of human nature, but, we can try and challenge that process and that’s what we are doing!!!

      Check this blog. This ladies philosophy re getting weighed is very interesting.

      Thanks for dropping by. I’ll be passing your way very soon.


  2. Those REALLY are small steps, but that’s what makes it so smart. Anyone could implement little changes like those. Then further down the line – a few more small steps. Next thing you know you’ll be running a half marathon.

    Oh, wait, you already did that.

    • paulbentley says:

      Haha, I like what you did there!

      That’s exactly my point though. I’m no expert, but, if we make small changes and build on them, we change. We have to be realistic and know ourselves. I’ve tried making wholesale changes before and it didn’t work. I fail, I get discouraged, I stop. How does that help.

      Thanks Frank.

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