Cliff Walks and a Semi-Naked Lady

Forgot to post this yesterday – Doh!!!

So I had a great time in Anglesey with the family and extended family.

We ended our time together by firstly going back to the  little cove beach we stumbled upon yesterday. It was lovely and sunny again, with intermittent clouds, but, the clouds were good. Not too hot. Having said that, for me, it’s the hotter the better. I like nothing more than a sweat-fest in a baking hot sun. Not so, with the rest of the family, so, cloudy was good.

The beach was surrounded by wonderful cliffs, so, mindful of the need for some physical activity 🙂 Joe (the brother-in-law) and I went off to see what we could see from up top. It was absolutely stunning scenery with the cliffs jutting out over and above the truly calm sea, a landscape painters dream. The shape and contours of the land against the sea looked great and I could just imagine walking right round the edge of the whole of the Isle of Anglesey.

An hour or so later, I did the same walk, this time with Jan. We sat on the grass on top of one of the cliffs and watched local boys cliff dive, well, it was cliff jumping actually, as they didn’t dive head first, that said, it was still impressive (and scary) to watch. It made Jan feel a little uneasy as she was convinced one of them would have an accident any minute, they didn’t, but, she didn’t like it. I loved it. Respect guys, serious respect!!

As we looked out to sea, you could see a small secluded beach further round the coast, on the other side of the coast. It didn’t seem to have a path or road leading to it and someone in a small boat went to it from our beach. I wondered if this was the only way you could access this small gem of a beach, or, maybe you could walk to it if you followed the cliffs over on that side. Can you tell what happened next? Intrigued, I decided to take a stroll over the cliffs on the other side of the cove.

From down below, this walk looked far less interesting than the one I had already done (twice). This time I was by myself, as the family were enjoying the three S’s (sun, sea and sand), but, I didn’t mind that, as I am often alone on my runs back home, not that I ran haha, I walked. After a long winding well trodden dirt path up top, the pathway opened up to a field filled with really soft, heather type, grass. It was so soft under foot I almost felt like I was going to fall through. I followed were many had trod before and again the views of the coast line and blue, blue sea was beautiful. The well trodden path through the grass carried on in to the distance so I just kept on going and going and going. One, two, three small inlets had seas smashing up against rocks. These inlets seemed impenetrable to ‘the ordinary’ and only accessible by climbers who could, if they wanted, climb down the rock face to the waters below. Definitely not for me, not yet anyway 😉

I carried on walking and the trodden path led me to an actual path. It was kind of going the wrong way as it was going inland, but, I carried on anyway until it brought me to a farmers field. Back to a trodden path now and back in the direction of the cliffs. It was a gentle climb upwards and as I got to the top I could see that I was now on right round the coast and on the cliff just above the secluded beach. There was a (not so well trodden) path through the long grass towards the cliff edge, so I followed this and as it opened up I was greeted by a semi naked woman sun bathing. I apologised for the intrusion and explained I was from the other beach and just wondered if the one below was accessible. She politely greeted me and said it was. All I had to do was follow to the end of the grass verge and navigate the rocks. It was possible she said, in fact the rest of her family were down below. I wondered if she told me this just to let me know she wasn’t alone. I don’t blame her if she did, some creepy fat bloke walking in on her like that. Anyway, it all felt a bit awkward, so I walked on to where she said, peered over the edge, took a photo, made my excuses for not trying to go down the cliff, apologised again for the intrusion and walked back to the start of the path. All that way and I didn’t actually go on the beach haha. Never mind hey, it was all good though. See below for a few piccies.


I’ve actually wrote far more than I intended too on this, sorry. Before I go, mustn’t forget to mention it was also Niamh’s Birthday (niece aged 7), so, we all piled in the cars and went back to the cottage for a Birthday tea. Happy Birthday Niamh!!!!!

Right enough said, time for bed.

Adios amigos,

Paul (Kracker)

“I Can Do It…!”


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