This time last year I…

…did my first jog.

Well actually I called it a ‘joddle’ as it was more of a cross between a jog and a waddle. Come to think of it, not much has changed on that front – I still waddle 🙂

Anyway, it got me a thunking. That was a really significant day for me, a breakthrough day, a day I never thought I would ever see. Go have a read and look at the pictures I uploaded. I am one happy bunny.

That was a year ago today. It’s been just over a year since I started my blog. Just over a year since I started my ‘healthier’ lifestyle.

In the last couple of months I’ve had a few false starts at getting consistant again, plus one major achievement. Let’s face it, it’s not everyday you run your first half marathon, but, if running a half marathon is the pinnacle of my lifestyle change, I think I’ve missed the point don’t you?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all gone belly up (or should I say belly out:-)), but, I’ve not gone the gym nearly as much as I’d like too (or could do) and the control of my eating has gone, well, out of control really. I kinda eat what I want when I want it, with a lot of food beginnig with the letter ‘J’ and sounds like dunk.

Accountability has played a major part in my successes to date, so I need to get you all back on board with me. Will you come? Will you help me get things moving again? Thanks, I was hoping you would say yes!

Well, it’s Sunday morning and I’m off to church soon. I’ll post a 2012 starting weight tomorrow, which I reckon will be about 340 lbs *gulp*. No need for me to be too disappointed, it’s not going to be anywhere near 391 lbs, but neither is it going to be anywhere near 297.5 lbs which was my lowest last year prior to the winter kicking in, me getting a job and the struggles beginning.

I’m so pleased I’ve posted today 😀

Adios amigos.

Paul (Kracker)

“I Am Still Doing It…!”


About paulbentley

My name is Paul Bentley and I started my blog in May 2011. I live in Liverpool in the North West of England, UK – I have always had ‘issues’ with my weight! When I got to 27st 13lbs (177kgs or 391lbs) I finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ and I need to make changes. As part of the process I decided I need to make myself accountable, so I’ve decided to be accountable to you. Thanks for offering ;-)
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4 Responses to This time last year I…

  1. Great to hear from you again. You have been such an inspiration to many of us I hope that we can pay you back a little.
    I bet you felt amazing when you finished the 1/2 marathon. It’s such an amazing achievement and hopefully tapping into that will get you back in your running shoes.
    You can do this!

  2. J. says:

    welcome back!

  3. Definitely here for you Paul, you can do it!

  4. Callie says:

    I’m on board! Like you I have gained a bit back, and am struggling to get back into the groove now that winter is over. Get back in it, and do the best you can with what resources God has given you, and you will be blessed.

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