The 100 Club Challenge

So here I am with 5 weeks (well nearly four *gulp*) to go until the Liverpool Half Marathon, then, last night, I decided to do myself a liddle weight change chart (see yesterday’s post). Suddenly I realise I’ve only got about six or eight weeks until I’ve been on my ‘healthier’ lifestyle for 12 months. 12 months. 12. One whole year. One year. Wow.

My first ‘weigh in’ was two weeks into May 2011. Theoretically, this means I’ve got until two weeks into April 2012 before it’s a year since I started. Why am I bothered?

Being honest with you… When I looked at yesterday’s change chart, I was kind of disappointed. Why? Well, I was disappointed because I hadn’t maintained a strong (weight loss) focus beyond six months. When I looked at the numbers, it irked me. I began with such great progress, then, I messed up and slammed the gears in reverse. I really wish I could have just stayed in the zone. Not for the sake of big losses (although that would have been good), no, I just wish I’d have stayed as discipled as the latter months of the year continued to pass. I could have looked back and been proud of every month, not just April – September. Because let’s face it, I’ve got a lot to be proud of in those months 😀

In real terms, it’s not a big issue, it’s a moot point. I have ‘changed’ my lifestyle (to a greater or lesser degree) and that is the most important thing. Plus, I’ve lost a hell of a lot of weight (nearly 80 lbs to date). It just frustrates me that four and a half months a go, I was so close to having lost 100 lbs.

Well, I’ve decided I want to do a big push to the end of the 12 month period. A big weight loss push that is.

“But Paul, you keep banging on about weight loss not being your focus…” Yes I know. And yes, I know I periodically write stuff like this in the blog which seems to suggest the opposite, but, I know you all understand the dilemmas and the frustrations involved, so you will forgive me I’m sure.

Here is my reasoning…

I want to push to become a member of the 100 Club in a 12 month period. That being, a person who has lost over 100 lbs in weight. It’s going to mean losing just over 20 lbs in – yes you guessed it – six to eight weeks. Can I do it?

It’s going to be hard. Especially as I’m training for the Half Marathon. Who knows. I may or may not achieve it. It’s just an itch I have to try and scratch.

Things aren’t helping this week, as I’ve still got a bad calf from last Sunday’s run (exacerbated by a long walk today – idiot), but hopefully next week, I can get back with it. Hopefully, I can run to train for the 18th of March and take a few extra steps to drop some serious weight bombs 😀

Who knows. If nothing else, it’s one more goal, aim – whatever you want to call it – to take me further.

What do you think? Go for it? Just focus on the run cos you’ve already done great losing weight? Comment and let me know.

Adios amigos,

Paul (Kracker)



About paulbentley

My name is Paul Bentley and I started my blog in May 2011. I live in Liverpool in the North West of England, UK – I have always had ‘issues’ with my weight! When I got to 27st 13lbs (177kgs or 391lbs) I finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ and I need to make changes. As part of the process I decided I need to make myself accountable, so I’ve decided to be accountable to you. Thanks for offering ;-)
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4 Responses to The 100 Club Challenge

  1. Shonnie says:

    I totally get where you are coming from. You wanna push and you wanna train. Running is different than some of the other things I train for, but in general they tell you NOT to diet when training. Having said that, running and eating say paleo/primal style and you will drop weight like a rock I am sure. 😀 Give it a whirl! Just be sure you work on eating and training so that you have the right amount of energy for the race you are going for.

    If you don’t make sure you have proper fuel for what you are doing you will break your body down–then the race will probably suffer.

    • paulbentley says:

      Thanks Shonnie.

      The thing is, I still have quite a lot of weight to lose, so, if I up my training, I should just naturally drop. That said, I’m still not fully recovered from my calf strain, so, I’m not moving forward at all just yet.

  2. I think you should go for whatever you feel you can maintain and won’t set you off course. If you are able to lose 20 pounds in that time frame without becoming burnt out or set off from exercise I say go for it. However, if you think you’d be better off not doing that in the long run don’t do it. In other words just try to be honest with yourself about what’s really best for you. In any case you will get there sooner or later 😀

    • paulbentley says:

      Thanks man.

      I guess I’m kind of disappointed with the last 5 months or so and want to make up for it. I’m probably being unrealistic, but, if it’s something else to keep me going in the winter, all good.

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