Strange Days

Yep two very strange days indeed

It’s been a funny couple of days.

Not funny haha, more funny oh dear. Of course, I periodically have days like these. Days when going to the gym and eating the right food is really not what I want to do. Days when I just ‘can’t be bothered with it all’. Thankfully, they are few and far between.

I think the most important thing is the realisation that exercise is a part of ‘who I am’ now. Yes I may ‘pig out’ on rubbish occasionally, but, I’ve always done that and in the past, not so occasionally, more usually. Even at my lowest point of ‘pig outery’ I didn’t stop brushing my teeth, getting a shower or getting dressed now did I. No, so add to that list of three, ‘exercise’ and now no matter how low I may feel, or how much I really, really, really, REALLY want rubbish food, I STILL exercise. Thankfully, I have maintained that new maxim this past couple of days, my head’s not been in a good place and I’ve felt like crap, but, I’ve still been to the gym and been for a walk at my new favourite place in all the world, yay me! In fact, to be fair, I’ve not even eaten that much rubbish. As my old dentist Mr Woo used to say, “Paul, pain all in the mind.” Erm, no Mr Woo, it’s in my tooth at the end of that pointy thing you’re sticking in my gob Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Notice I said he was my old dentist.

As well as all this, The last couple of days, I’ve been to the gym at a much later time than usual. Like I’ve said before, it’s amazing just how different the same place feels with a different group of people. It’s been more late afternoon/early evening and the demographic is completely different. Maybe I’m getting old, but, I much prefer my group of ‘misshapes’ and oldies who come in the a.m. I fit right in. I apologies to any of the ‘fitter’ variety who also come early, I mean no offence, you guys are cool too haha 🙂

So some news. Well, I’ve told you all before about my weekly parkrun 5k. I may have also mentioned in a post somewhere that I’m trying to get a new parkrun event organised at Crosby Lakeside. To bring you up to speed, I’ve had an initial chat with Mike Woodruff the Centre Manager at Lakeside, just to get a feel for what they think. Buoyed by that chat, I’ve now chatted to the North Area Coordinator for parkrun nationally, Tom Williams and hopefully Tom is going to come to Lakeside in August and we’ll thrash out a plan. If it happens, it will be very, very, cool indeed. Watch this space for more info as and when it happens 🙂

Right, gonna go. Keep me in your thoughts and drop me a line here or on Facebook. To all you fellow fatties out there reading this blog. Look at me. We can do it. Small steps people, just small steps.

Adios amigos,

Paul (Kracker)

“I Can Do It…!”


About paulbentley

My name is Paul Bentley and I started my blog in May 2011. I live in Liverpool in the North West of England, UK – I have always had ‘issues’ with my weight! When I got to 27st 13lbs (177kgs or 391lbs) I finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ and I need to make changes. As part of the process I decided I need to make myself accountable, so I’ve decided to be accountable to you. Thanks for offering ;-)
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