Miles & miles & miles of fun

I finished guys, but what was my time?

What a day!!!

It all started at 9am with my first officially timed 5k joddle (run) with Parkrun. I finished in 92nd position out of 95 (I wasn’t last – yes!!) and I DID NOT WALK AT ALL. It was a boiling hot day (not the best weather for your first run), but I still managed to joddle a new PB (personal best). Remember, I did my first ever 5k yesterday as a practice run for today and I clocked 44:41. Not quick by any stretch of the imagination, but I did it!

Today I finished in… wait for it, I finished in… are you ready, in…


*** 41:14 - 41:14 - 41:14 - 41:14 - 41:14 - 41:14 ***

People, that is a whole 3:37 faster than yesterday. If I continue at this rate I’ll be an Olympian in about two weeks. It’s easy this running lark 😉

Of course the event was filmed (in part) and you can catch it on YouTube here. As ever, have a look and tell me what you think.

Understandably, I am absolutely ‘over the moon’ but boy was it tough. It’s actually helped me answer one question though, that being, I am definitely NOT ready for the Liverpool 10k next week. Especially if I don’t want to walk and I don’t. No, afraid not, I need to up my fitness some more and lose about 24 more lbs, then, I think I’ll be okay.

What a great morning though. As ever, a massive thank you to, Michael Tyms for running with me and being resident camera man, plus, more thanks to Bez Jones, Katherine and Charlotte, who also came out to run (Bez) and wave us on (K & C). You guys rock and I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Here’s the link again

If that wasn’t good enough for the day by itself, this afternoon, two good friends came to visit from Bolton. Kieran and Sheryl used to come and watch me perform, when (in another life) I sang jazz professionally. We became great friends and shared many good nights together, we’ll say no more about that 😉 Recently they have been following my ‘healthier’ lifestyle exploits on Facebook and the blog and contacted me asking could they come and join me on one of my walks around the Marina at Crosby.

They drove over today and we had a lovely walk along the coast. Seven miles later we went back to mine for lunch and a good catch up.

What a beautiful thing for them to do.

Shez, Kieran, I really appreciated it guys and I look forward to next time. I’ll upload some pictures a bit later, I just want to publish the post before midnight first. Am I sad or what? 🙂

So, people of the blogosphere, today had physical exercise (the 5k run) AND physical activity (the 7m walk) and it all came together beautifully in a marvellous sun scorched day. How healthy was that?

Watch the video peeps and check back for some pictures on the post later.

We can do this guys. We can get ‘healthier’, we can change our lives. 7-8 weeks a go, I couldn’t walk 25 yards without stopping. Today I ran 5k and walked 7 miles. Eight weeks!!!

If I can do it… you can do it!!!

Adios amigos,

Paul (Kracker)

“I Can Do It…!”


About paulbentley

My name is Paul Bentley and I started my blog in May 2011. I live in Liverpool in the North West of England, UK – I have always had ‘issues’ with my weight! When I got to 27st 13lbs (177kgs or 391lbs) I finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ and I need to make changes. As part of the process I decided I need to make myself accountable, so I’ve decided to be accountable to you. Thanks for offering ;-)
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4 Responses to Miles & miles & miles of fun

  1. momfog says:

    What a day! I’m in awe of you.

  2. kitchentutor says:

    So… your motivation has gotten into my head!! I’m a stay at home mom with 2 pre-k kids and I don’t have the ability to really get out on my own to workout but I’ve found a website that has a program to work you into doing 100 push ups and a sister site that does 200 sit-ups. You start at your own pace and work into it. I’m starting it tomorrow so I’m going to let you know how it’s going!!! Thanks for writing, I’m slowly getting on-board!!!

    • paulbentley says:

      Great news!!!!!!!

      You can’t go the gym so you are making it happen for you at home. That right there is a lifestyle change!! Keep me posted on how you get on. I’ve got your back 🙂

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